CENTRO Control Center

Combine the power of our app, with the intelligence of a processor

DemoPad Certified Installer

DemoPad is proud to announce the launch of our new advanced automation processor, the CENTRO 8

The CENTRO 8 represents a quantum leap in home automation, bringing advanced automation capabilities to the masses, with an affordable control processor and state of the art embedded software

The CENTRO 8 is the heart of your control system, providing information to iOS / Android devices & enabling advanced logic features and control options


Key CENTRO Features:

  • Vast array of connectivity ports
  • Astronomically-aware timer events
  • Built in HTTP/HTTPS Web Server
  • Seamless integration with existing DemoPad software projects
  • Audio and HDMI outputs offer Digital Signage / Media player features

CENTRO Connectivity Ports:


  • 16 x individually addressable Infra-Red output ports
  • 4 x individually addressable bi-directional RS232 COM ports
  • 4 x low voltage contact closure relay outputs
  • 8 x volt-free digital inputs (for connecting PIR sensors etc)
  • 1 x Audio output (for playing custom sound files)
  • 1 x HDMI output (for custom digital signage content, including photo frame functionality)
  • 2 x USB ports (for future expansion / storage)
  • 1 x Ethernet LAN port

Things you can do with the CENTRO:

The CENTRO is a powerful IP based automation processor, running advanced software developed by our R&D team. It is programmed with our DemoPad Designer software, and gives you complete control over automated and manual functions. Below are some examples of functions you can program the unit to perform automatically, using the advanced features listed:

  • Powerful IP Networking Capabilities
  • DemoPad CENTROconnect up to 20 simultaneous client devices (iOS / Android), and communicate with many more control devices through the network
  • Astronomically-aware timer events
  • DemoPad CENTROCustom programming - for example: turn your lights on, 10 minutes after sunset, except on weekends & in the summer
  • Centrally stored system variables
  • DemoPad CENTROWhen one user turns a zone on, any other user (including remote ones) also know about it
  • Programmable audio output
  • DemoPad CENTROPlay a custom doorbell or security alert sound through your audio system when an input triggers, or at certain times
  • Programmable HDMI output
  • DemoPad CENTROHave another input to your HDMI distrbution system, to show web pages or a photo frame slideshow programatically
  • Advanced Macros
  • DemoPad CENTROUses the same powerful logic driven macro generation routines as our control app
  • Built in Web Server with browser control
  • DemoPad CENTROStore the DemoPad project on the CENTRO, and allow control through a web browser using the same customisable interface engine as our app
  • Designed with the future in mind
  • DemoPad CENTROAdded features will be available with future firmware updates

Where to Buy:

Please contact us and we will put you in touch with an authorised distributor or reseller for your area

Configuration Manual :