What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files that websites store on your device as you browse. Website use Cookies to fulfil a range of functions, either for Strictly Necessary functionality, Preferences or Statistics.

  • Strictly Necessary

    These cookies are required for a website to function as intended - providing features like keeping you signed in between pages or holding items in your shopping cart. Consent is not required for these cookies.

  • Preferences

    Preference Cookies are used to remember what choices you have made in the past, like hiding Cookies banners and automatically filling out forms.

  • Statistics

    Statistics Cookies are those which track how you use a website - what pages you use and links you've clicked. This data is aggregated and anonymous and is used only for improving the website's features.

DemoPad's Cookies

Below is a list of the Cookies we store when you visit our site, their type and why we store them.

  • phpbb3_8lpms_sid

    Strictly Necessary

    A randomly generated set of characters to identify and maintain the user's session.

    Duration: 1 Year
  • phpbb3_8lpms_u

    Strictly Necessary

    A randomly generated set of characters to identify the user or '1' to signify a guest.

    Duration: 1 Year
  • phpbb3_8lpms_k

    Strictly Necessary

    Is the randomley generated session key, used for the 'remember me' functionality.

    Duration: 1 Year
  • is_unique


    This StatCounter Cookie is used to determine whether you are a first-time or returning visitor and to estimate how many visits you make. No personal information is stored in this Cookie.

    Duration: 5 Years

Use the link below to go to StatCounter.com and disable their Cookie.

Disable StatCounter Cookies