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Do I need to have a PC running to use the app?

Absolutely not - the PC software is used purely for setting up the interface & the commands - once done, the app works independently.

Does the app work with the latest iPad / iPhone?

It works with all 64 bit versions of iPad and iPhone running iOS version 8 or later.

Does the app work with the iPad Mini / Pro units?


Does the app support retina displays?


How do I control my Infra Red, RS232 devices etc with your app?

Any piece of equipment which cannot be directly controlled by IP can be controlled using our own Centro hardware.

Can I use my own graphics / layout for my project?

Absolutely. We supply a set of graphics with the software, but you are free to use your own to achieve whatever look & feel you desire.

I am an A/V professional - how to I become accredited?

The first step is to send an email to - we will then contact you, usually within 24 hours.

How many devices can I control with your app?

As many as you want - there is no practical limit

Can I link live security camera images / video in the app?

Yes - using a low cost composite video - IP server unit, or by using a compatible IP camera.