IP Control Gateway

The CENTRO-CM is an affordable, small form factor control gateway which provides a link from your network devices / control system to Infra-Red, RS232 & relay contact closure devices.

3 quarter view of a Centro CM IP Control Gateway

Key Features

Free App

Can be controlled by our CentroControl app - an app you design to suit your needs

Integrated IR Learner

Provides the interface for learning, testing and executing IR commands on controlled devices

Multiple I/O

Each I/O port is individually addressable, providing specific control over your system

Backwards Compatibility

The Centro-C offers seamless integration with existing DemoPad Software projects

Free PRO Graphics Package

This product comes with a FREE pro graphics package for customising your user interface

Multiple TCP Connectivity

Allowing more effective use of your networks bandwidth and improving performance


  • 4 Individually addressable IR output ports
  • 1 Bi-directional configurable RS232/422/485 COM port
  • 4 High voltage contact closure relay outputs (240V AC, 10AMP)
  • 8 Volt free digital inputs (for PIR sensors etc.)
  • 1 USB port for firmware updates
  • 1 POE Ethernet LAN port

In The Box

  • 4 IR Emitters
  • 1 IR Receiver for Learning Function
  • 5V DC power supply