Consultancy with DemoPad

Demopad Software Ltd is based at the heart of a leading computer science, technology and innovation campus within Lancaster University, England. Over the last 20 years we have developed an enormous wealth of expertise and intellectual property as a result from both national and internationally funded research programs which has enabled us to provide to our clients both knowledge and large scale deployed solutions. Once we have established a brief we aim to deliver dynamic, bespoke technologies beyond your original expectations. For more information on how we can work together contact us.

Use the link below to view some case studies from our previous partnerships.


DemoPad have for over a decade been specialists in control and automation used in high end residential and commercial environments.

During the past few years we have been retained by other companies such as manufacturers seeking to broaden the appeal of their own products by enabling simpler integration possibilities for their products with others. The driving force for change has been from architects and specifiers for example wanting a single input touchscreen control able to integrate with several types of products from different manufacturers.

Sure, there are very large manufacturers of control systems but the idea of sourcing everything from one supplier does not ensure best in class performance or the most economical solution, even if it is convenient. DemoPad can assist manufacturers to make their own products more acceptable in these circumstances by advising on changes to design and even provide DemoPad hardware and software to be embedded within another product to provide connectivity options to a wide range of third party systems.

So if you have a project in mind or want to explore opportunities please contact for a confidential, no-obligation, free, initial consultation.


DemoPad has a digital signage solution with a difference.

We have been researching ways to enhance this media by combining our core control and automation experience with delivery of digital signage.

This has led us to believe that the next stage of development will incorporate exciting new features:

  • Sensors to detect presence and target suitable content based on analysis tools.
  • Ability to transform a digital signage display into a touchscreen, gesture or voice control terminal then back to a display mode.
  • Provide links to remote call and data centres for more advanced interactions - live person assistance or automated.
  • Interactive retail environments - when a customer picks up a product on display automatically change the digital signage content showing to the product selected. Adjacent screens could then change to show complimentary images of the same or alternative products, pricing plans, buying options etc. Notify sales advisors that a product is being handled and invite to attend the customer.

The advances in technology and capability will also drive hardware development so DemoPad has and will shortly launch new:

  • Digital signage Android players - an App is available now for loading to a digital signage commercial display so a physical player is not required. Also a physical digital signage player with Picture in Picture for HDMI input of say live sports events surrounded by signage.
  • Video signal distribution equipment - HDMI inputs to remote HDBaseT baluns over Cat cable and AVOIP transmitters and receivers for large scale longer distance signal transmission.

Digital Signage software solutions:

  • DemoPad digital signage ENTERPRISE software platform is designed to allow production and screen design and deployment of content to remote screens. The screens can be grouped with common attributes so for example a pub chain can have live events advertised for say Gaellic Football to be shown in one group while English Premier League is shown in another. Content can be scheduled montsh in advance so its very productive and a single operator can manage hundreds of sites efficiently.
  • DemoPad IOS/Android apps for simple digital signage creation and deployment. Able to communicate over wifi with certain commercial panels this is a very simple signage platform ideal for small shopkeepers etc.
  • DemoPad fully integrated digital signage solutions - a combination of ENTERPRISE software for group head offfice content deployment and IOS/ANDROID mobile phone local content for site operators to create content locally uploaded to a screen(s) using QR code access managed locally and signage displayed immediately on defined areas of a display.
  • Alternatively IOS/ANDROID phone customers may be allowed to control a range of content on display screens say in a bar or restaurant where they are seated.

So if you have a project in mind or want to explore opportunities please contact for a confidential, no-obligation, free, initial consultation.