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Centro Control Solution Documentation

The documentation guides you through the use of the Designer software and CentroControl iOS/Android app:

Centro Control

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Blustream Control Solution Documentation

The Blustream documentation covers the use of our Blustream Control iOS app for both HDL Systems and Blustream / AV Control.

Centro Control

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HDL Control Solution Documentation

The HDL documentation covers the use of our HDL Control iOS app for HDL Systems with AV Control.

HDL Control

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Centro-8 Documentation

The Centro-8 documentation covers the use of our Centro-8 Control Processor.


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Centro-8M Documentation

The Centro-8M documentation covers the use of our Centro-8M Control Processor.


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Centro-C Documentation

The Centro-C documentation covers the use of our Centro-C Control Processor.


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Forums/Help & Support

The forums are a great place to get help from other users, post any questions and also read through any of our tutorials. Use the search bar below to search the forums or click the link to go directly to them.

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Centro Control Solution FAQ

Q: Do I need to have a PC running to use the app?
A: Absolutely not - the PC software is used purely for setting up the interface & the commands - once done, the app works independently.

Q: Does the app work with the new iPad / iPhone?
A: Yes - it works with all versions of iPad and iPhone (4 and later), iOS version 5 or later.

Q: Does the app work with the new iPad Mini / Pro units?
A: Yes

Q: Does the app support retina displays?
A: Yes

Q: How do I control my Infra Red, RS232 devices etc with your app?
A: Any piece of equipment which cannot be directly controlled by IP can be controlled using either our own Centro hardware, or a 3rd party converter. These are available from Global Cache, Keene Electronics & others. Examples include the Global Cache IP to Infra-Red, IP to RS232 & IP to Contact Closure.

Q: Do I need a home automation processor / other server?
A: No - though you can link to one if you wish. We recommend our Centro-8 and Centro-8M processors, and the CentroControl app is free if you use our Centro hardware

Q: Can I use my own graphics / layout for my project?
A: Absolutely. We supply a set of graphics with the software, but you are free to use your own to achieve whatever look & feel you desire.

Q: Can I try the CentroControl app for free?
A: Yes. You can download the CentroControl app and use a single generic IP device for testing, or if you are using a Centro hardware unit, the app is free anyway

Q: I am an A/V professional - how to I become accredited?
A: The first step is to send an email to - we will then contact you, usually within 24 hours.

Q: How many devices can I control with your app?
A: As many as you want - there is no practical limit

Q: Can I link live secuity camera images / video in the app?
A: Yes - using a low cost composite video - IP server unit, or by using a compatible IP camera.

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